Memoir 101 — The transformative power of writing

A writing workshop where our stories heal us.

The Memoir 101 workshop with Natasha Badhwar is designed to enable participants to imagine and craft personal narratives that are resonant and evocative.

This workshop offers an empathetic, safe space with tips, prompts, exercises, readings and analysis to develop one’s unique voice and write compelling essays that are intimate, thought-provoking and deeply honest.

As one sifts through memories, emotions and personal experience to connect the personal to the universal, writing about one’s life can be a healing and transformative journey, both for the writer as well as readers.

Saturday online sessions: 11:00am — 1:30pm | 6, 13, 20 and 27 August
online sessions: 11:00am — 1:30pm | 9, 16, 23 and 30 August

The workshop includes a one-on-one session with Natasha which is tailored to the participating writer’s unique needs, challenges and strengths. The 60–90 minute individual session will be online according to mutual convenience.

Fees: Rs. 15,000/- + GST (18%)

To Apply: Send a writing sample, preferably non-fiction, personal writing, of 500–1300 words. It doesn’t need to be a published piece.



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